BoardRoom Friend Management

Here are some testimonials from our clients

Our Board of Director group was clearly the catalyst to us becoming a high performing dealer. Once we understood the benchmarks for high performance we were able to set goals and then work on action plans to achieve them. It’s been a rewarding process. Cam Kay, CEO Agland Equipment

Agland Equipment

As a member of a Friend Management Performance Group, I value the efforts made to facilitate meetings of my peers, allowing a forum to share business practices, establish best practices within our group and evaluating individual performance comparisons. I always learn something or get a new idea at the meetings which I bring back to my own business and implement if possible. The commitment of the individuals within determines the effectiveness of the group as a whole. Ray P. Finch Finch Services, Inc.

Finch Services

For us being involved in Friend Management has not only grown our business profitably but also given us focus, accountability and energy in every facet of our dealership. Whether we are a one store operation of a large multi-store these groups offer the same reward to all. John Reddin Reddin Equipment

Reddin Equipment

"Our Doug Friend Dealer Performance Group is a critical ingredient in the success of Western Tractor. From the sharing of business strategies, to the transparency of our dealership performance through the performance metrics, it has truly raised the bar for our leadership team and accelerated our growth." Steven Dyck, CEO Western Tractor

Western Tractor

“Peer pressure works for all levels of Dealer organizations, from the Executive/Owners to Service managers. When properly facilitated peer comparison and analysis has been done, good things have happened, every year!” “Doug Friend does an a great job of getting dealers together, focusing on improving their businesses. A good reporting template, productive meetings and goal setting has, for the past 21 years, lead to great results. Along the way we have all made great friends as well. Friend Management has been a key component of our successful growth over the years.” John Rudderham, Huron Tractor

Huron Tractor

I have been a member of a Doug Friend group for 15 years. We have experienced growth in our company from a single store with a staff of 35 to an 11 store group with an enterprise team of 265. One key factor in our success has been the accountability and encouragement from the members of our Friend Management group. Each year we have made improvements and with the continued challenge from our groups, we will continue to make further improvements on what was once considered great results. Dennis Landis, CEO PrairieCoast Equipment

PrairieCoast Equipment

As an original member of the Friend Management Performance Groups I will say that it has been the single most important factor in our success. No doubt! It has given us benchmarks to realistically set our goals and thus measure our successes or failures in each departments operation and for our total company operations. There is also a comfort in knowing that the goals you set are not only attainable, but are comparable to other distributors in your same business and sales volumes. Meeting with your peers and reviewing each others financial's and listening to their successes, what they have done that works, as well as what didn't work is a tremendous learning experience and has certainly helped me guide our company through the years. As business professionals we all have room to grow and learn and this is the best experience that I have had to share with my peers and learn how to grow my business profitably. Lon Flemming, President, Greenville Golf & Turf

Greenville Golf & Turf

Our organization has participated in a Friend Management Group almost since its inception. It is one of the success factors to our management team. There is no pressure like peer pressure. When we discover that our organization is below “Benchmark” numbers, our Management Team will set “WIG’s” (Wildly Important Goals) and strive to improve until we reach them. It has been proven year after year. Over the years the camaraderie amongst our group is great and between them and Doug personally, we have had powerful ideas come out to drive our organization forward not only financially but operationally as well. Merrill Martin, Martin Deerline.

Martin Deerline Equipment